Having debuted in the theatre in the 1980s, Francesca Biagi has since pursued a highly eclectic career, amply proving her capacity to interpret roles as artistically diverse as tap and jazz dancer in musical comedies, comic character actress in the theatre and jazz vocalist and instrumentalist in musical ensembles.
In the theatre she has worked with various companies including Pino Quartullo’s La Festa Mobile, Tato Russo’s Nuova Commedia di Napoli and Sergio Ammirata and Patrizia Parisi’s La Plautina, and directors of the calibre of Antonio Ferrante and Sergio Doria, while her experience in the world of classical music includes six concert seasons with the Orazio Vecchi Polyphonic Choir (directed by Alessandro Anniballi).

With regard to her jazz career, having completed a detailed study of the classic jazz repertoire and especially that of the female vocalists of the 1920s and 1930s, in 2003 she formed and led the Boop Sisters,a female vocal trio, inspired by the Boswell Sisters, the pioneers of female jazz harmonization. The Boop Sisters, Francesca with Alessia Piermarini and Giovanna Rapattoni, participated in numerous jazz festivals including the Roman Classic Jazz Festival organized by Lino Patruno at La Casa del Jazz in Rome and the Ascona Jazz New Orleans & Classics Festival in Switzerland. The Boop Sisters also appeared in four episodes of Speciale Per Me, a programme starring Renzo Arbore broadcast on Rai Uno and in Jazz Me Blues, a programme by Lino Patruno broadcast by Rai Doc. The Boop Sisters have recorded two CDs - Boop and Bibidi Bobidi Boop! – the latter of which was produced by Alfamusic. In addition to her commitment to the Boop Sisters, which she left in 2007, Francesca has also appeared with the Bixilander Swing Orchestra as trumpeter, flugel horn player and vocalist alongside Franco Bolignari; with this orchestra, inspired by the 1920s and 1930s jazz, Bix Beiderbecke, Count Basie and Duke Ellington's arrangements, she recorded the CD "One Step Forward" in 2010. Francesca also appears as special guest vocalist with Remo Izzi’s Old Circus Jazz Band, specialists in the reproduction of the authentic sound of the 1920s and the atmosphere of the dance halls of Prohibitionist America. In 2006, she appeared in a fundraising evening in favour of the ailing author and trumpet player Richard Sudhalter (now deceased), organized by Randke Sandke, Dan Levinson and Carol Sudhalter in St. Peter’s Church, New York City.

As far as her studies are concerned, in Italy Francesca studied acting at La Scaletta Theatre School under the direction of Gianni Diotaiuti and has studied classical singing with Emanuela De Santis Salucci, classical ballet with Enrique Gutierrez and Flavio Bennati, jazz dance with Leontine Snel and tap dance with Connie Spadanuta and Lori Warner, while in the United States she has studied trumpet with Laurie Frink (receiving the honour of a full-page profile in the International Trumpet Guild Journal, a publication of which Laurie Frink is column editor) and Vincent Penzarella (New York Philarmonic) and dance theatre with Dana Moore, Tony Stevens and Chet Walker. Francesca is a graduate in History of the Theatre from La Sapienza University of Rome. Francesca is also co-author of a biography of musician, actor and jazz historian Lino Patruno entitled Una Vita in Jazz e Non Solo, published by Pantheon Editore (2000). She started to play ukulele in 2012, self-teaching, and following the on-line courses by Aldrine Guerrero and James Hill. She studies with Neal Chin. She accompany herself regularly during her concerts, on her Kanile'a soprano.

Beside the passion for Jazz Music, she loves the Photography, and she used to bring her camera during the tournèe in the 1990's. She realized Book for Actors during the 1990's, and also the last Frances Book of 2016 and 2017.

Acting experience


"Deus Ex Machina" by Woody Allen,
La Festa Mobile theatre company, directed by Pino Quartullo.
"Irma La Douce" by Alexander Breffort,
Nuova Commedia di Napoli theatre company, directed by Tato Russo.
"I Due Gemelli Napoletani",
based on works by Titus Maccius Plautus and William Shakespeare,
Nuova Commedia di Napoli theatre company, directed by Antonio Ferrante.

La Plautina theatre company directed by Sergio Ammirata:
"Aspettando l’Ispettore" by Gogol. 
"Invito a Nozze" by Moliere.
"Private Lives" by Noel Coward. 
"Un Curioso Accidente" by Carlo Goldoni. 
"Tartuffe" by Moliere.
"Histriones" based on the work of Plautus.

La Plautina theatre company directed by Sergio Doria:
"Varietando" by various authors.
La Crisi del Settimo Anno, freely based on the work of Georges Courteline.

"Tip Tap Show" by Cesare Vangeli. Choreography by Leontine Snel.
Rome, Italia Theatre.


Radio shows by Giuseppe Neri, produced and broadcast by Radio Rai 3:
"Il Paginone"
"Donne Nuove"
"Lampi d’Estate"
"Universo Barocco", five episodes of a feature of "Lampi d’Autunno".

Musical experience with
Boop Sisters and Bixilander Swing Orchestra

Music festivals:

"Invito alla Lettura" - Rome

"Roma Hot Summit" - Rome

"Festival Villa Celimontana" - Rome

"Modica Festival Jazz" - Modica

"Donne in Jazz" - Chieti

"4a Finestra Jazz" organized by Lino Patruno - Vallo della Lucania

"Jamboree Summer Festival" - Senigallia

"Vercelli in Jazz" - Vercelli

"Roman Classic Jazz Festival" organized by Lino Patruno
at La Casa del Jazz - Rome

"Jazz Corner" - Portomaggiore, Ferrara

"JazzAscona New Orleans & Classic" - Switzerland

Radio and TV:

"Il Ruggito del Coniglio" - Radio Due

"La Stanza della Musica" - Radio Due

"Speciale per me…" by Renzo Arbore, 4 episodes - RAI 1.

"Dove Osano le Quaglie" - Rai Tre

"Sit Cook, Gambero Rosso" - Raisat

"Jazz Me Blues" by Lino Patruno - RaiDoc

"Matinee" - RAI 1

"Jazz a Nota Libera" by Massimo Nunzi - Teleradiostereo.


Boop - 2003

Gli Arborigeni by Renzo Arbore - 2005

Bibidi Bobidi Boop! - Alfamusic - 2006

One Step Forward - 2010

Frances' Follies- Alfamusic- 2012

Musical experience with Orazio Vecchi Polyphonic Choir

Participation in 2003 Spoleto Festival

Basilica of S. Eustachio, Rome
(music by Bettinelli, Distler, Donceanu, Kodaly, Reger)

Church of S. Francesco, Capranica
(music by Donceanu, Anniballi, Orff, Nyman)

Sala Pietro da Cortona, Capitoline Museums
(music from Nabucco, I Lombardi alla Prima Crociata, Luisa Miller,
Macbeth, I Vespri Siciliani, Don Carlos and Otello)

AVE VERA VIRGO - Basilica of S. Maria, Capranica
(music by Gioacchino Rossini)


Aula Giulio Cesare in Campidoglio, Rome
(music by Rossini, Bellini, Doninzetti, Verdi)

Palazzo Valentini, Rome
(Jephte by Carissimi and Gloria by Vivaldi)

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